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Proactive Tax Planning

Work with tax professionals to proactively put key tax savings strategies in place to help lower your tax burden each year.

Legislative Changes

Stay on top of the latest legislation changes and understand how they may affect you this year and every year moving forward.

Certified Public Accountants

Get help from top tax experts across the United States to help you navigate the changing tax laws.

Correct Tax Mistakes

Most tax preparers are looking to submit your return as quickly as possible, making critical mistakes. We can help.

Plan Each Quarter for Taxes

Stay on top of your tax liability with proactive tax planning strategies that can help lower your tax bill each quarter.

Simple, Straight Answers

Get the straight answers when it comes to understanding how taxes will affect your past, current and future decisions.

Tiffany W. Davis, P.A., MSM

Meet Tiffany W. Davis, P.A., MSM

Tax Expert & Proactive Planner

Tiffany graduated from the University of Maryland University College with a B.Sc. in Accounting and Business and became a P.A. the next year. She earned her Master’s in Management with a specialization in Accounting from the University of Maryland University College with honors.

Later in her career, she spent several semesters as an adjunct professor of business and economics. After years of working for large accounting firms in roles such as Controller & CFO, she returned to her first love, entrepreneurship, and opened her own firm.

Her goal has been to bring his experience, knowledge, and expertise to clients in a valuable way. She teamed up with some of the greatest minds in the legal, financial planning, and accounting fields to bring her clients advanced tax strategies and planning. Her clients benefit from time-tested, advanced strategies that most preparers have never heard of.

You’re Taxes Are Too High

I had a Zoom meeting with my client Raj last week. We were following up on some items we are working on together. And the progress we’ve made.

When I first talked to Raj, he said, “I’m fine. I have a CPA.”

Which was true.

But when we started working together, we discovered…

His CPA was missing deductions, really was doing no strategic tax planning, and as a result, Raj was overpaying taxes by $63,808!!

Per year!

Over 5 years, we’ll save Raj $271,289.

Even worse, Raj’s financial planner wasn’t planning and was on a different page from his CPA, creating disallowed capital losses on top of a tax liability.

Raj’s attorney was MIA. No will, no holding LLC, no asset protection or estate planning.

Raj needed a quarterback and desperately needed some strategic planning.

If Raj takes just half of that savings and invests it, he could have as much as $1,073,568 in additional retirement savings. If he invests all of the savings, he could create as much as $2,147,135 in additional retirement!

Raj could retire with an additional $2M with our help.

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